Wednesday, July 1, 2015

How to Battle the Darkness

We need to remember we are warriors. Let’s not forget our identity or feed the enemy darkness with our own doubt.

We have all been given spiritual gifts and unique talents to help us battle darkness. We must develop these gifts. Do not be afraid to do hard things. Those trials, and sad, and scary things that happen to everyone is a challenge or test.

We are going to be tested many times. This is how we get stronger.

Do what makes you strong whether that be prayer, reading scripture, collecting shells on the beach, serving others, etc. By doing what makes you strong on a daily basis, fighting darkness will become instinctual.

Never let your guard down. Never give up. Stay on your feet or on your knees.
Respect your body. Eat healthy, exercise, go to bed early and wake up early so you have time for yourself. Dress modest and respectful. Use noble language free of vulgarity and crudeness. Have good posture. Be transparent and always truthful. It terrifies the workers of darkness and creators of confusion if you are always truthful and honest in word and action.

Develop a sure identity. Make a list of the types of qualities you would like to have as a hero, and then develop those qualities until you can become that hero.

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