Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Food Storage Adventure and Free Self-Reliance and Preparedness Classes

When we moved to Oregon we ended up giving all our food storage away.
Now we are starting over and lots has changed in the last few years.

Living way out in our little village means we have to drive quite a distance to reach a Home Storage Center.

The closest storage center is in a tiny town called St. Paul.
Population 425 and a rodeo stadium big enough to fit everyone.

St. Paul is an extremely religious town.
Crucifixes, statues of Jesus, etc. are everywhere and on just about every house.
There was even a house with brick work on the chimney done to make a cross.

See this link to read more about St. Paul

We went south for a ways and found the little cannery on a huge farm.
The church has about 440 acres of farms out here.

The missionaries working here are Brother and Sister Allen.

Brother Allen has a great Donald Duck impression.
Kal'el and Avalon were very entertained.

Brother and Sister Allen also visit churches and teach about self reliance and emergency preparedness. (Which is what we all should be doing as we prepare for the Second Coming.)
They do this at no cost to the church! That's right, Free!
They are happy to come to any congregation or church group regardless of the specific type of Christian Church you belong to.
Self reliance and preparedness is pretty universal among Christians.

Here is their contact info:
16572 River Rd NE
St Paul, OR 97137 

They also have cooking nights and host dinners where Relief Society members or others can do a  "pot-luck" with food storage foods.
This is an awesome way to taste-test and get recipes.

Leif and I got all the food we could fit in our little car with our Babies.
We are going to have to make trips for a while until we get our 1-year-supply

The Babies fell asleep in the car on the way home.

Here is the cannery's Facebook page:

Here is some info on food storage:

I used this food storage calculator to find out how much we needed:

Here is a link to info on gardening:

Leif and I are getting our land ready to plant a few fruit trees.
This year our garden is doing well and we hope to harvest all of our own veggies, herbs, and berries.

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