Thursday, May 14, 2015

Essential Oils - Inexpensive and Highest Grade

I don't often do product reviews, but essential oils are gaining popularity as more people are striving to be healthier. For the most part, essential oils are over priced.

Multi-level-marketing companies tend to drive prices three times higher than they should be as everyone takes a cut.

There tends to be lots of scammy things in multi-level-marketing companies and so our family avoids supporting them.

Sorry if that offends anyone and I know this post won't make the expensive oil distributors happy.

Hopefully this will save some families money though.

I went looking for an essential oils company that is "Therapeutic Grade" and not diluted with bases or watered down in any way.

The highest grade of oil is Grade A - or "Therapeutic Grade."
Young Living and Doterra fall under this category. 

The same with Eden's Garden Oils. The reason why Eden's Garden is soooo much cheaper than the other two companies is because they are not multi-level-marketing.

Here is a simple price comparison on Lavender.
(I found these prices on Amazon)

Young Living = $16.99 5ml
        Doterra   = $9.99  5ml
Eden's Garden = $6.25 + $2.99 shipping for a 10 ml

In did see on their website that "organic" Lavender is $1 more.

If you like essential oils its worth taking a look and saving yourself some serious money.

And their Facebook page:

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  1. Thanks for this review! I just started getting into essential oils, and the whole search has been a bit overwhelming. I'll keep this in mind. :)


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