Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Restaurant Review - Native Foods

My visiting teachers told me about this place that serves ALL VEGAN foods.

They have cheese burgers, chicken, meatballs, and everything else you would expect from a restaurant, but none of it is meat.

Okay, so we've got to go try this.

My husband ordered the bacon burger, Kal'el got the chicken nuggets, and I got something that was just like teriyaki chicken and a bowl of soup.
It was all Vegan!

My husband was a little suspicious of the bacon, but he thought it was pretty good once he tried it.
Kal'el had no idea he wasn't eating 'real' chicken nuggets.
And mine tasted just like sweet meat from a nice Asian restaurant. The soup was amazing and just what I needed, especially since we ran through the Oregon rain to get there.

The price wasn't bad either.
If you go, make sure to try their Lavender Lemonade!

Also, check out the soap in their bathroom. They make it themselves!

You can see their menu and locations here:

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Leif's rating: FIVE STARS
Deirdra's rating: FIVE STARS
Kal'el's rating: FIVE STARS

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