Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Flower Shopping in the Country

The first time we drove into our small little town with the kids, both Leif and I were enchanted by the farms and small town feel of our new home.

We hadn't been here before and had only seen pictures of where we were going to settle and raise our family.

There are TONS of farms nearby and the farmers market here is a big deal. Some families make 100% of their income off their land.

This last week it was time to flower shop and so we made it a family adventure.

We went to two nearby cities, if you can even call it a city. I think they are more like townships.

The first place we went to was Fir Point Farms.

 All the president of the US painted on pumpkins.

I guess this means Obama is a bigger vegetable than Bush was.

 I can't get over how cute the shopping carts are.

Next stop was in the next town over.

The kids loved the wagons to ride in.

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