Friday, April 10, 2015


This year, I was lucky enough to be invited to sign books at Fan-X. 
At first I almost turned it down because my husband was STILL gone for military. 
I'm so glad I did.

On the first morning, I was up at 3 AM to get ready for the day. I got ready, took care of some business stuff and got the car loaded by about 5.

Then I got the kids ready to go to the babysitter.
When I got Kal'el up, he had this huge wad of gum in his hair.

I tried to get it out, but it looked awful so I had to buzz his head.
He was pretty freaked out when he saw his super-short hair in the mirror.
He a tantrum and told me he wasn't going to school or ever leaving the house again.
I really didn't need this on the morning of an event.
I was running out of time and he refused to get ready.

I called Leif on the base (Leif had to buzz his head for the military) and Leif talked to Kal'el about "warrior haircuts" and told Kal'el that he is a handsome boy.
After that, Kal'el got ready and we made it out the door just in time.
I dropped the kids off at the babysitter's then headed to the Salt Palace to set up.

The whole thing was completely awesome. The people there are amazing. I loved getting to know all my booth neighbors and Fan X staff.
Since it was so cool, I got tickets for my dad and Kal'el for the next day.
Kal'el hung out with me until me dad got off work and took Kal'el around to see all the cool things.

Carter's booth

By the end of Friday, I had completely lost my voice. NO VOICE, not even a squeak. When I opened my mouth to speak only air came out.
It worked out because my hubby was being released from the base that day. I drove to Nevada and picked him up, but left a few signed copies at my table.

THANK YOU, Cheree and Laura!!!! What an awesome event you made this!

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