Sunday, April 19, 2015

Family Adventure: The Witch's Castle

I heard a rumor that somewhere deep in the forest was an old witch's castle. 
We set out to find it.

We drove up to Portland to a place called Forest Park. 
There is an animal life refuge and educational classes for kids.

Story time!

Every animal Avalon saw she called a "kitty."

Lots of cool plants from the area

Kal'el was in charge of the map.
The witch's castle is not on the map, but we asked a few people and they pointed to the general area of where it might be.

The trees here are huge

Kal'el is focused on his map since he is the leader.

 Avalon was so good. She loved this whole trip. 
The only time she fused was if Leif stopped walking.

This is where we got lost. We were supposed to take the Wildwood trail - but which way?

Trees uprooting themselves like the trees on Lord of the Rings.

Up on the hill we could see this bridge. 
The cars whizzing by probably had no idea what was beneath them.

Avalon learned to say the word "tree."

What do you think could live in there?

Mystery flower.

Another mystery plant.

More of the mystery flower

Fallen giant 

On the trail! Do you see it?

Seriously. We saw this!

Taking a break

Fern growing up the tree.

Mystery mushroom

Kal'el says no more pictures.

This whole forest smells so clean. The humility is so amazon jungle-like.

Then we finally found it.

We were sad to see that vandals had graffitied this beautiful place.

Such a magical place.
We will add this to our favorite hikes.

To find out more about the history of the witch's castle see this link:

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  1. This looks like it was quite an adventure! Thanks for sharing the pictures; I'm kind of jealous of the hike! :)

    ~ Liza @ Classy Cat Books


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