Thursday, April 16, 2015

Epic Dragonlance Birthday for Leif

DragonLance is my husband's all time favorite book series.
Role models from the book were very influential in his youth.

Several shelves on our family bookshelf is dedicated for this series.

This year we had a DragonLance themed birthday party for my husband.

While I was at Fan X, I found Tracy and Laura Hickman. It was my first time meeting Laura in person. She is totally sweet!

Tracy signed my husband's ENTIRE collection of DragonLance books.

On Leif's birthday he was so excited to receive the signed books as a gift and wished he could have been there to meet Tracy.
Leif was away from military duties during Fan X. Tracy was the one person he cried about not being able to meet in person.

That night we went out for a birthday dinner and I told him there was a surprise at the restaurant.

The look on his face was priceless when he saw Tracy Hickman walk through the doors.
He was smiling so wide that it took him a moment to speak.

Tracy had dinner with us and even brought Leif his newest book: Wayne of Gotham

Batman is Leif's favorite super hero.

 Tracy is magnificent!

Leif got to ask Tracy all the questions he's had for years about the story. (You know, those details and hidden gems only the author knows.)

The whole conversation was spectacular and so uplifting for all of us.
Tracy is such a good man. His good spirit is contagious and we left as better people!

Thank you so much, Tracy!!!!!

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