Monday, April 13, 2015

Avalon's Baby Milestones

Okay, so this post is mostly for the grandparents and friends who are out of state, but here are a few of the Lady's miles stones from age 7 - 9 months

7 months
Practicing her walk

8 months
Climbing the stair case on her own.
Just FYI, it sounds like she hits her head on the phone at the end,
 but she is just brushing up against the mic so it sounds super loud.

9 months
RUNNING and playing with kitty

9 months
Because she can now climb out of her crib by stacking 
all her blankets into one corner, we got her this tent bed.

9 months

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  1. The Great Escape Blanket Stacking thing is so INTELLIGENT! It reminds me of a video I saw a while back which sparked my book about honey badgers. Those things can get out of anything. Forget being a wolverine when Red Dawn happens. I want to be a honey badger! Of course I'm not saying Avalon is anything like that kind of vicious, but INTELLIGENT.


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